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no reason for no tattoo | 08-09-2559 | เปิดดู 936 | ความคิดเห็น 0

What is the reason to have art on your body? The reason may be fashion, emotion, belief or faith. Happiness can not come from others' judgment. Happiness is what we decide. When we come to tattoo parlor, we must have decided to have tattoo for our own reason. In the past, tattoo was also made for marking some criminals that they used to be in jail. Deep in the wood there were savages and hill tribes in northern region. They often had animal tattoos on their bodies. This tribal tattoos were for creating unity and willpower. There were also tattoos made by masters, teachers and religious persons. Sacred rule for these tattoo wearers are that they must not lie and always keep their promises. Other rules for sacred tattoo wearers are that they must not use harsh words to their parents. They must not commit adultery and must not go under women's skirts. Tattoos in Thailand are mostly made by hands. The purpose is for encouraging wearers. In the past, people had a lot of faith. There were some tattoo wearers that were impenetrable. Ink that was used in making tattoos came from some plants and well selected ingredients. The ink was cast magic spell before use. After a master finished making tattoo, he put the tattoo to the test by slashing wearer's back to see if he bled. And the master would tell the tattoo wearer about the rules that they must follow. Most of the rules were about making good deeds, saying nice things and avoiding some food. If tattoo wearer can follow the rules, the tattoo will protect him and give him power. If the rules break, the tattoo will be ineffective. These are what some people believe. Nowadays foreigners are interested in having a tattoo and patterns of tattoos. This clearly happens after Angelina Jolie got tattoo in Thailand by master Noo Kanpai. Tattoos with Thai styles or patterns are popular. As you can see the tattoos of Hanuman, giants and fantasy animals from Thai literatures in the instragram of foreign tattoo artists. They are mostly beautiful. However the original tattoos like that are in Thailand only. The exquisite Thai arts are difficult to copy so they seldom be seen in others countries. Most tattoos are designed for one individual only, one design for one person. Making tattoos is an art of Thailand. We are proud to be Thai and have Thai art on our bodies. What about you? Do you want to have some?


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